Tuesday, April 15, 2008

Flowers and... Watermelon?

I am quite amused right now. *giggle*

Last night my husband brought home some flowers and a watermelon for me. I can see you right now thinking, What's wrong with that?

Well... Here is the source of my amusement... Don't you usually hear of ladies getting flowers and a box of chocolates? lol And here my Sweetie comes home with some beautiful roses...

...and one of the best watermelons I have ever eaten!

For some reason, I just find that really funny! Now don't get me wrong; he knows me very well! I would rather have watermelon than just about anything! (Including a box of chocolates!) So he did a good job. :) Actually, almost half of the watermelon is gone already! I <3 watermelon! lol Hehe! (It's the little things... I'm tellin' ya!)

I'm also excited to help my SIL design and create her jewelry for Prom. I'm really trying hard to get her into jewelry making, so I'll have someone to share the obsession with. ;) Her prom dress is my favorite shade of bubblegum pink, and it has little sparkles all over it. Her jewelry is going to be made with silver and black Swarovski crystals - so pretty with the pink dress! We've also talked about incorporating ribbons and pearls, too. It's a really fun process!

And now I'm off to get some lunch. And some more of that watermelon! ;)

I hope you all have a wonderful day!