Tuesday, October 21, 2008

Where to begin???

I have been so busy over the past month!

I've had several large wholesale orders that I've been working on. Here's part of them... (Psst... Those lollipops are scented and the jelly beans are real!)

We also got a new kitten a few weeks ago! Ironically enough... His name is Lollie! lol We thought he was a girl at first... Oops!

Speaking of Lollies... I've also been getting some things ready for LolliShops, working on a few new ideas and mediums for when they open. One of the big things has been working out my own recipe for fiberclay. I think that's finally finished; I just have to make a few things with it to see if I finally like the consistency, etc.

I would also like to have some of those polymer clay lollipop sets up for LolliShops too, but I'm not sure which direction I'm wanting to go right now!

Then there's the Gingerbread challenge at LolliShops... Boy, do I ever have a cool idea for that! And it involves my fiberclay! I've been working on the patterns and candies for that, too. :D

The Sweetie has gone out of town a couple of times, which seems to throw everything off. To Florida for a Navy ceremony, and to New York for a Composer's Convention.

Thank goodness this is the week of fall break! I can finally get caught up!