Tuesday, June 9, 2009

Did I say I would have more time?

Because, what I really meant was that I would have more time for other people to find things for me to do! lol

I am having a great summer though!

I've seen 'Up' twice - such a wonderful movie! I would love to see it again! :) And I just have to recommend it to everyone!

I've been to DollyWood, carshows, visiting with my Sweet Baboo, helping my Mom get her Etsy shop going, working on new designs, waiting on new supplies to get here, working on patterns and custom orders, organizing my workspace in the studio, hanging out with friends, planning the next Disney World trip, and waiting for the local shops to get the 'good' watermelons! See? What a busy summer so far!

Oh! I also had my 50th Etsy sale! What a fun milestone to celebrate!

And I promise I will have some very cute, very tiny, new things in my shop soon! ;) I'm just waiting on some very important supplies to get here to finish everything up!

I hope you are all having a wonderful summer as well!