Saturday, May 31, 2008

Relax and Plan

What a nice relaxing day! I got pretty much all the housework finished over the week, so today I've just been relaxing, watching movies, and doing random little crafty bits, but not actually finishing anything. I'm really just waiting on my lovely felt squares to get here. That's all I can think about! All the pretty felty ideas I have floating around in my head! Why oh why is the UK so far away??? lol

I also worked on our Disney World plans.

Hehe... That's only a few of my 'planning materials'. In the top left is my Passporter. The top right is my little planning binder full of all kinds of plans and ideas. I carry it around with me everywhere I go. It has sections on beads, polymer clay, Disney World, candy making... Everything! And last, but not least, a couple of maps from Pop Century and the Polynesian.

Speaking of the Polynesian...

We've decided to stay at Pop Century all 8 nights, instead of splitting the stay. We got a post card in the mail to get 40% off our room, and we didn't want to pass that up! Plus, it is such a wonderful, fun resort! Just look at these pictures! And don't forget to click on the different sections for more wonderful pictures! We really like the 80's section!

I made a list of some of the restaurants that we need to make reservations for as well:

Boma Dinner - No question! A must for every trip!
Kona Cafe - We did dinner here last time, now we would like to try lunch.
Rose & Crown - Still iffy. We loved this place last year, but may do something else in World Showcase instead.
Tusker House - I loved it when it was a counter service! I'm excited to try the new buffet!
Yak & Yeti - Maybe; just can't decide on this one.

The Sweetie also wants to eat a really nice breakfast somewhere. So I'm looking to see who has the best big breakfast menu. I'm thinking it may be Boma. Twice in one trip! It will be great to have a big breakfast on the day we leave, since we'll be in the car a lot that day.

I would also like to have an afternoon on the Sea Raycers! Gosh, they look so fun! We were taking the boat from Wilderness Lodge back to the Magic Kingdom last year, and saw several of these around. I've wanted to do it ever since!

Then there's Mickey's Not So Scary Halloween Party... Ah! So much to do there! lol

One of the reasons why I love Disney World!

Friday, May 30, 2008

Piddly Postings...

I find this very hard to believe, but now that I have the summer off, I seem to have even less time for getting jewelry done than when I was working at school!

I have gotten a lot of house cleaning done though! Woohoo! Our bedroom, our bathroom, the guest bathroom, the kitchen, dusting, etc. Next I would like to start putting shelves up in the studio. That would be awesome to get that finished this summer!

But don't worry, I haven't spent all of my time cleaning! (It just feels like it! lol)

Jacob and Tessi had a house warming party last Sunday, and Mom and I created 75 little mini chocolate cupcakes for the party on the Saturday before. We made the buttercream icing and the filling for them, then assembled them. Half of them were chocolate cake with mint chocolate filling and bright green mint buttercream. The other half were chocolate cake with peanut butter filling and buttercream frosting. The mint ones had little dark chocolate mint hearts on top of them, which I also made. We even used mint out of Mom's garden! Just call us 'Martha'!

Here are the mint ones, which were my favorite:

At the beginning of the week I also made some Old Fashioned Strawberry Shortcakes out of these huge strawberries:

They were super yummy! I'm also thinking of picking some blackberries out of the back yard and making a cobbler this weekend... Mmm! Yum!

I've also had time to work on a few new Mini Fairy Lantern bracelets! Each bracelet is inspired by travel, and some of the places I would like to visit.

The middle one, English Garden, is already listed in my shop. Look for the other two to be listed soon!

In other exciting news... I just ordered a bunch of little felt squares from Etsy. I can't wait 'til they get here! I was on a felt kick back in the fall, but was getting a lot of orders for other things, so I had to put the felt on hold. Now I'm determined to make some little felt goodies for my shop! Some of them will even be scented and/or covered in glittery glitter! :D

I've been sketching out some ideas, and I must say that I'm very excited about the possibilities. Especially now that I'm going to have a nice selection of beautiful, bright colors to work with!

Were does the time go??? It's already time for lunch! (A bit of a late lunch, but I had to let you guys know what I was up to!)

Oh! One more last bit of excitement! My new Black Baggallini Messenger finally arrived! I can't wait to take it with me to Disney World!

I hope you all are having a wonderful day as well!

Sunday, May 18, 2008

New Baggallini for Disney World!! A review. :D

I am so super excited right now! I just ordered my new black Baggallini Messenger bag for our Disney World trip this fall! It should be here in just a few days!!!
'What's a Baggallini?', you're probably wondering. Well, it's only the very best travel bag I have ever used. And I have used a lot! lol Seriously, I used to shop for good WDW travel bags before every trip. And sure, I found some that worked okay. But then, before the next planned Disney trip, I was out looking for another bag.

Then it happened... In the summer of 2006 I purchased a purple Baggallini Messenger in rip-stop nylon. I had meant to save it for our January 2007 WDW trip, but decided to go ahead and use it that summer for our other road trips, since I was excited to try it out!

And oh my gosh... It is the most wonderful bag!

This is taken from my previous review from 12/2006:

I loved carrying it! Now every time we go on a trip of any kind I take my Baggallini. It's perfect for in the car, and for when we actually get to our destination. You see, I am a collector. When I see brochures, maps, freebies of any sort, I simply MUST pick them up to add to my 'collection'. So I have to carry some type of bag to make it easier on DH - since he would be the one carrying all of my new additions. Plus, I like to have my iPod, some candy/gum/snacks, lip gloss, sunglasses, phone, money/change, important cards, pens, a small notebook to journal in, a guidebook of where ever we're going, etc. And there's a place for everything - no digging around to find lip gloss, or some change for a coin press. I also like the way it looks. It makes me feel like I'm going on an adventure! Another reason why I like the Baggallini is because the 'water-proof' ones are REALLY water-proof! I know this from experience! While on our way to Nashville a couple of weeks ago, we had stopped at a rest stop to potty and get some snacks - we were already tired of the ones we had brought! Anyway, I had carried my Baggallini in the rest area with me. While we were choosing our snacks from the machine, an absolute downpour started. We were going to wait it out, but after about 10 minutes, we decided to just go ahead and get back on the road. Even though we weren't parked very far away, we still got absolutely SOAKED on our way back to the car. I mean we were drenched! It looked like we had fallen into a swimming pool with our clothes on! So, to make a long story a little bit shorter , when I opened my Baggallini to get my journal out, everything inside was completely dry. Not even a drop of water got in. I think that's great for rides like Splash Mt. I don't know how well it would do on something like Kali - if you were on the side that gets 'the big one', but for all the other rides, no worries."

Now the purple bag has been to Williamsburg/Busch Gardens several times, various road trips to Nashville, Atlanta, and Chattanooga. And Disney World, of course!

I opted to get a new black bag when I got an e-mail with a code to get it for just $20 shipped! I had been wanting to get the black one for some time, so that I could decorate the zippers with some of my stitched Mickey charms:

I think those are going to look sooo cute on the zippers of the black Baggallini!

For those of you that are curious as to what I keep inside the bag on a Disney World trip...

-Coins for Penny Presses
-Gum and some peppermint Lifesavers
-Key to the World Card, Driver's License, Debit Card, AAA Discount Card
-Passpockets from my WDW Passporter (Sometimes I would carry the whole book)
-Official maps for all parks
-Pen and pad of paper or journal
-A small binder that had menus for all counter service and snack locations, DDP snack list, souvenir/shopping list, Penny Press checklist and a bunch of other stuff printed off
-Cell phone
-My lovely WDW bucket hat :)

Those are just the basics I carry with me at WDW. Sometimes I also had the camera, refillable mug, souvenirs, and/or Pal Mickey in my bag. I was even able to stuff a light fleece jacket in there as well!

And, like I mentioned earlier, everything has a place. There are plenty of pockets and zippers to store things. That's one of my favorite features. One of my favorite pockets is the one on the back:

This was great for storing receipts until I got the chance to put them in the Passpockets at the end of the day. And for quick access to maps and other papers that I collected during the day.

I liked storing my cell phone in the velcro pocket on the side. I could answer it quickly when it rang, and I could feel it vibrating, so I never missed a call from home!

And then there's the pocket on the shoulder strap...

"The little pocket on the strap is just genius! I used it to carry my Key to the World card, FASTPASSES, and my sun-glasses clip when we went inside an attraction. I never had to dig around for my KTTWC when we were getting a FASTPASS, and I didn't have to dig around for my FASTPASS when it was time to use it. I just unzipped the zipper, pulled out what I needed, and ta da! I didn't even have to turn the bag around or off my shoulder! Perfect!

Speaking of my shoulder... My shoulder never got sore, and I'm always the one who carried it. And I liked carrying it, too! It made me feel like I was going off on some wonderful adventure all the time! lol (And at WDW, I really was!)"

Oh! And as far as getting dirty. It doesn't. Every thing that I have gotten on mine has wiped clean off. And I even washed it when we got back from WDW, since I was washing everything else it seemed like, and it was good as new! I didn't put it in the dryer though!

So... Yea... I highly recommend this bag. I have no complaints about it whatsoever. It's perfect and fun for a trip to Walt Disney World! There are several places to buy them online: eBags, ShoeBuy, and Amazon are a few of the places that I've seen them.

If you have any questions about my Baggallini or Walt Disney World, please feel free to ask away! :D

Saturday, May 10, 2008

A whole week!

I can't believe a whole week has gone by and I'm just now finding the time to update here!

It was a busy week though.

We had a huge inspection at work on Wednesday. We were supposed to have it last Wednesday, but they called and canceled at the last minute! Thank goodness it's over with now!

Also, my brother and sister-in-law moved out of my parents' house, and into their very own apartment! It was so exciting helping them move! It's the first time either of them have been out on their own, so they were both pretty excited as well! And they are a bit closer to my house now, so that is good! Especially since they have a pool! lol

And I made Mom's Mother's Day gift this week, too. I still have a few last minute things to add, but the main gift is finished. I'm not going to post pictures until after I give it to her. In case she reads here! :D

Last, but not least, I"ve been working on some more Mini Fairy Lantern Jewelry:

You can find the first two in my shop! Or you can chose your own custom color combo! I have tons of colors to chose from!

Here is a custom order from last week:

A sweet ankle bracelet using pearly, pastel shades.

Just convo me on Etsy if you would like to customize your very own Mini Fairy Lantern Jewelry!

I hope you all have a wonderful weekend!

Friday, May 2, 2008

Mini Fairy Lanterns - Full Spectrum!

This is what I've been working on all week!

I wanted to have a bunch of Mini Fairy Lanterns made up in bunches of different colors so it would be easier for me to play around with color combinations. It was a fun project! And I think they look so beautiful all lined up like this! I'm really thinking that this would make an awesome charm bracelet, too! With all these beautiful colors. Right now they are just temporarily strung on silver wire, so I can keep up with them. But soon... They will be turned into necklaces, earrings, and bracelets! (If I can bare to take this apart! lol)

Oh! And I stole this picture from my SIL's MySpace page so you could see the prom jewelry that we made for her!

She had never made any kind of jewelry before, so I did most of it. lol :D She worked hard on cutting the chain and picking out the beads though! I think it turned out sooo pretty! I made the earrings later that night, after she had gone home, and I realized that she left her green cube beads at my house!

Sooo... That's what I've been up to!

I hope you guys have had a wonderful week as well!