Sunday, August 24, 2008

Seed Beads Galore!

I have been up to my ears in seed beads this weekend! But, oh how wonderful the results are turning out to be!

I'm going to start offering 'Kits and Supplies' in my shop soon, so most of the past week has been spent putting those kits together. I've really enjoyed the process - choosing awesome seed bead color combinations, picking out the different little odds and ends that will also be included, naming the color schemes... It's been a fun little project! I still need to type up the instructions and finalize the packaging. After that is finished, they will be up in my shop at a special introductory price for the first week!

And of course I will sneak peak them here a day or two before they are listed!

Meanwhile... I did list some new necklaces today!

I am just so excited about our next trip to Disney World! I have one of these little glitter resin MM ears necklaces that I wear quite a bit! I wanted to share them with all of my Disney World-loving friends!

And on this happy note... I'm off to mix some more seed beads!