Friday, May 30, 2008

Piddly Postings...

I find this very hard to believe, but now that I have the summer off, I seem to have even less time for getting jewelry done than when I was working at school!

I have gotten a lot of house cleaning done though! Woohoo! Our bedroom, our bathroom, the guest bathroom, the kitchen, dusting, etc. Next I would like to start putting shelves up in the studio. That would be awesome to get that finished this summer!

But don't worry, I haven't spent all of my time cleaning! (It just feels like it! lol)

Jacob and Tessi had a house warming party last Sunday, and Mom and I created 75 little mini chocolate cupcakes for the party on the Saturday before. We made the buttercream icing and the filling for them, then assembled them. Half of them were chocolate cake with mint chocolate filling and bright green mint buttercream. The other half were chocolate cake with peanut butter filling and buttercream frosting. The mint ones had little dark chocolate mint hearts on top of them, which I also made. We even used mint out of Mom's garden! Just call us 'Martha'!

Here are the mint ones, which were my favorite:

At the beginning of the week I also made some Old Fashioned Strawberry Shortcakes out of these huge strawberries:

They were super yummy! I'm also thinking of picking some blackberries out of the back yard and making a cobbler this weekend... Mmm! Yum!

I've also had time to work on a few new Mini Fairy Lantern bracelets! Each bracelet is inspired by travel, and some of the places I would like to visit.

The middle one, English Garden, is already listed in my shop. Look for the other two to be listed soon!

In other exciting news... I just ordered a bunch of little felt squares from Etsy. I can't wait 'til they get here! I was on a felt kick back in the fall, but was getting a lot of orders for other things, so I had to put the felt on hold. Now I'm determined to make some little felt goodies for my shop! Some of them will even be scented and/or covered in glittery glitter! :D

I've been sketching out some ideas, and I must say that I'm very excited about the possibilities. Especially now that I'm going to have a nice selection of beautiful, bright colors to work with!

Were does the time go??? It's already time for lunch! (A bit of a late lunch, but I had to let you guys know what I was up to!)

Oh! One more last bit of excitement! My new Black Baggallini Messenger finally arrived! I can't wait to take it with me to Disney World!

I hope you all are having a wonderful day as well!