Monday, April 6, 2009

Just Desserts!

I've just been featured in another beautiful treasury!

I love all the bright colors and candy and frosting... Yum!

In other fun news, I'm also working on a really fun custom order right now! Six beaded lime margaritas - key chain size! I had to order some more 'margarita' colored beads tonight though, so that I can finish them up this week. And, I may have thrown a few extra things into my shopping cart before I checked out... Oops!

I think one of these might have accidentally fallen in my cart:

Oh. Yep. It sure did. The Guava Punch (pink) pouch fell into my cart somehow! Oh well... Don't want to trouble anyone with changing the order now! Looks like I'll have to give it a new home. ^_^

Brr! It's pretty cold here right now. I think I'm going to curl up in my nice warm bed and watch a movie!

I hope you guys are staying warm, too!