Sunday, April 5, 2009

Butterflies and Snow Cones

Well, I had quite the productive weekend as far as beading goes!

First, I finished all these cute little beaded butterfly pins, and added them to my shop.

When The Sweetie and I were at the store a few nights ago, I bought some Cotton Candy snow cone syrup to use with our ice shaver. Then we get home and I remember that I had thrown out all our old ice cube trays at the end of last summer!!! So I still haven't had my Cotton Candy shaved ice!!! Grr!

That little incident prompted me to finish working out the pattern for these little beaded snow (or is it sno???) cone charms. I made up a few to add to my shop tomorrow! When you order them, you can pick any flavors you want! And, you can choose one, two, or three flavors for each snow cone!

I even attached a little red spoon straw with each one! (How else are you going to reach the ice at the bottom???)

I remember eating a ridiculously large quantity of Vanilla Snow Balls (Disney's version of a Snow Cone) last time I was at Disney's Blizzard Beach water park. Mmm... If I close my eyes and concentrate hard enough... I can still feel the warm breeze blowing over me, as I sat in the late afternoon sun watching the waves at Melt-Away Bay, enjoying my sweet snowy slush...

Speaking of snow... I was just looking at the forecast for tomorrow... And I noticed they're calling for snow tomorrow night!!! How crazy! I'm done with cold weather! I'm ready for some nice warm keep-the-windows-open-all-day weather!

How about you?