Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Insert funny Disney World story...

One of the things I love about Disney World is all the little things that happen while you're there. I mean, everyone knows they're going to be riding Space Mountain, eating with Mickey, and riding the monorail! But there's so much that happens that you don't plan for!

That's why I'm starting this new little thing on my blog. I just adore sharing my experiences with everyone, and I know you guys would really get a kick out of some of my stories!

Some of the stories are funny, some are magical, some are helpful, some are just fun memories, and some of them just make me shake my head when I think about them later! :)

The first story I want to share with you all is the latter. ;) It took place just a few short weeks ago, on Monday, February 9. Jimmy and I had just spent a wonderful morning at Disney's Animal Kingdom and were then 'hopping' over to Disney's Hollywood Studios for the afternoon/evening. We had decided to forgo Disney transportation on this day, so we were driving our own car. [Note: Disney World transportation is a wonderful thing, and we use the heck out of it while we're at Disney World! We just wanted to have our car on this day, in case we wanted to venture off property to the outlet shops!] Anyhoo... So we park our car in the huge parking lot, and walk to the tram, even though we weren't very far from the entrance. Since there were other people still parking and walking to the tram, we had to sit for a few minutes and wait on them.

While we're sitting in the tram waiting, Jimmy notices that someone driving an SUV has run over a traffic cone in the parking lot. The CM working that isle had them back up to see if the cone would just roll out. No luck. Then the CM has the guy go back and forth several more times to see if the cone can get 'unstuck' from under the SUV. Still no luck, and while he's doing this, you can see that there are at least 3 more cones lodged under the SUV! Finally after several minutes of back and forth, the CM just has they guy go ahead down the isle and park. Everyone in the tram claps and cheers, and we head towards the entrance. As the tram passes the isle that the SUV guy drove down, we can see that there are five traffic cones laying in the isle!

Maybe their traffic cones should be more this size:

I still wonder how you can run over that many traffic cones all at once!

Look for more stories coming soon! ^_^