Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Have I mentioned lately that I love seed beads???

Well, I do!

These are probably my favorite creating medium ever! No matter what sort of crafty things I get into, I always seem to come back to seed beads.

And I do have to admit that I'm running out of room in my seed bead drawers already. I have to idea how I'm going to keep them together after these drawers are filled! And suggestions??? I like having them organized by color; makes it so much easier when I'm starting a project.

Speaking of projects...

Here's the latest from the bead bakery:

Beaded Party Ring Biscuits!!! Oh I loves them! ^_^ I've never had real Party Rings, which look like this. (Not my picture, by the way!) I love the colors! They look so yummy and pretty! I didn't do all the different color combinations, just my three favorites. If anyone wants one of the two colors that I didn't make, just let me know! I made mobile/purse charms out of this batch:

I could easily convert them into necklaces and bracelets though!

I'd really like to do a collection of beaded international treats. Add some beaded Battenburg cake slices to these Party Rings for the UK. Pizza for Italy, taco for Mexico, pizza for Italy, sushi for Asia, etc. If you have any ideas, let me know! I would just love to have an 'around the world' type section in my shop!