Saturday, January 3, 2009

I'm ready for Valentine's Day!

I am so excited about Valentine's Day this year!

It got to the point where I had waay too many ideas and patterns made up for this sweet holiday; I finally had to make myself decide on just a few items to 'cook' up for the shop this year. Hehe... And, since I just ran out of time to add any Christmas themed items to my shop, I wanted to be sure to have Valentine's Day goodies for everyone! Shortening my list of Valentine's Day items helped me to get these little sweeties done!

This is what I have available...

3 Chocolate Valentine's Day Heart Cookie Ornaments

3 Vanilla Valentine's Day Heart Cookie Ornaments

2 Chocolate Dipped Strawberry Ornaments

And 4 Love Bug Charms

I'm going to be listing these in the shop next week, after I get the cards finished. That's right! These are all going to be mailed out attached to little matching handmade greeting cards! I love the idea of getting a little card and a little keepsake all in one! The idea came to me over Christmas break, as I was watching several people scramble around for a 'little something' for so and so... Ah ha! A card and a keepsake!

One very important thing about these little treats... If you would like one, and want to get it by Valentine's Day, the last day for mailing these out is Saturday, January 31. We leave for Disney World on Monday, February 2, and will not be back until around the 13th, depending on whether or not we stop anywhere on the way back. So please be sure to place your orders in time!

If you would like me to reserve one for you before they go up in the shop, just let me know!

Valentine's Day Heart Cookie Ornaments - $8 each plus shipping
Chocolate Dipped Strawberries Ornaments - $8.50 each plus shipping
Love Bug Charms - $6 each plus shipping

Whew! That's all for today!

Hope you're all having a lovely weekend!