Monday, November 17, 2008

Only 79 days until...

...We check in at Disney's Pop Century Resort!!! WOOHOO!!

It's so hard to believe! In just 79 short days, I'll be in Disney World, people! Ohmygosh... Can you tell I'm excited? *giggle*

I've already got our schedule figured out for the week, for the most part. We'll be there for 7 nights/8 days; taking advantage of the buy 4 get 7 deal. Plus, we get a $200 Gift Card when we check in!!! Hello, World of Disney! lol Since we were already planning on going this winter anyway, the deal worked out perfect for us!

And I do have a rather large shopping list for this trip. Hehe... Including some Mickey Confetti, so that I can make some more of these awesome magnets...

I've already sold about 23 of these guys, so now I have no more black or red Mickey Mouse Confetties! Yipes!

I also get to shop for other people! There's a couple of girls at work that are going to send me to Disney World with some money and a shopping list! lol

It's a good thing I <3 shopping!