Monday, November 3, 2008

Let's Talk Cuppycakes!

So far, I think my very favorite thing that I have ever created has got to be the beaded cupcakes. All sizes. ^_^ It's just so much fun seeing them come together. And they are adorable, if I do say so myself! *giggle*

You guys seem to love them, too! It's the best selling item in my shop! I am always looking for ways to improve them though.

Here's some new toppings for the larger scented cupcakes:

And here's most of the available colors for any size:

That's the warm colors on top, the cool colors in the middle (or the Mermaid colors, as I like to call them. Hehe!), and the neutrals and mixes at the bottom.

See there... You have a lot of colors to chose from there! Around 250 different colors I believe! (And I'm working on a list of new colors to order in the next few weeks! Crazy!)

So, if you want a cupcake that looks like peanut butter with grape jelly, I have those colors. Minty frosting? I have that color. A pumpkin pie color? No problem. I even have Tiffany Blue! And soon I'll have sterling silver plated beads, and 24K gold lined beads... *sigh* So many possibilities!

So remember... When you are ordering your very own customized beaded cupcake jewelry, don't be shy about special color requests! Chances are, I have the perfect flavor for your beaded sweets!