Monday, June 23, 2008

Felt, Polymer Clay, Seed Beads.....

I've got so many ideas, I don't even know which medium to play around with! That's pretty exciting! (And a bit sad in a way! lol)

I got my beautiful felt squares from Lupin over on Etsy. They are so gorgeous! Lots of bright cheerful colors to play around with. I highly recommend her felt. It's so soft and pretty. It feels so good to work with.

While I was browsing around her shop, I stumbled upon her adorable Party Ring Biscuit pins. Now, I'm a sucker for bright colors, and last Friday when I found them, I was on a polymer clay kick. So I put the two together...

And made some Party Ring necklaces! I read all about them over at their Wikipedia page before starting. I wanted them to look as accurate as possible.

These are made entirely of polymer clay. And glitter, of course. :D Each one measures right at 1 1/8" wide. They have been scented to smell like sugar cookies, because I read that the bottom was a lot like a sugar cookie.

I turned them all into necklaces. So they are now strung on silver plated chain. And I added a Swarovski pearl to each one, because I thought they looked like they were missing something. And the pearls with the bright colors and glitter look really tea partyish to me. :D And I love tea party things!

I've also got some more ideas for polymer clay tea party treats. And some seed bead desserts. And some felt sweets. And that's why I can't decide what to do first! Any suggestions? lol

In other news... I went to a pirate party over the weekend! Arrr! It was wonderful fun. I can't wait 'til The Sweetie and I have kids, so we can have wonderful themed birthday parties, too!