Sunday, March 9, 2008

Snow and beads!

Well, I made it back from our ski trip in one piece! Hehe... I only went tubing, but still... lol

There was hardly anyone on the tube slopes. It was so fun! I could have done it all day!

The Sweetie went snowboarding. He's pretty good at it!

No, he didn't fall here! lol He was taking a break! I promise!

This is the view from our room at the condo. It was sooo pretty! We could see lotsa deer in the back yard.

Here is my sister-in-law feeding veggies to a few of them.

It was a great trip! Nice and relaxing! But now I'm definitely ready for a Disney World trip! I'm more of a 'let's go out and do stuff all day' person.

I did get a nice idea for some new jewelry...

Here is the 'test necklace'. I've got a few in one of the boutiques right now, to see if people like them. It's one of my beaded beads, paired with a matching silver charm, strung on silver chain. I call them Sweet Kinomi Necklaces. Kinomi is the Japanese word for 'berry'. I thought it was very fitting. :D Each Kinomi bead is about 5/8" wide. Today I'm going to work on some smaller ones to use for a different style necklace I have in mind, and maybe some bracelets.

I'll keep you all posted with updates!