Monday, March 24, 2008

Oh yummyness!

I am just thrilled to pieces! Last week I ordered some handmade lip balm from Martinsville Emporium. And this morning... I had a sweet little package waiting for me in the mailbox!

Here's everything together. I ordered the Lip Balm 3 Pack, because I just couldn't decide on one flavor. (And then I took me about 45 minutes to decide on the three flavors! lol) Hey, they've got 36 flavors to chose from! And they all sound heavenly! You would've done the same! Chocolate Orange, Raspberry Plum, Peach Cobbler, Peanut Butter and Jelly, and even Buttered Popcorn! Holy yum! They also have a Lip Balm 6 Pack, for those that are even more indecisive than me!

The flavors I finally decided on are: Peppermint, Berry VooDoo, and Passionfruit Rose.

And they are all... Amazing. I've never smelled such intense flavors in a lip balm! Right now I am wearing the Berry VooDoo; it's a very juicy, fruity, berry sweet scent. I love it.

The Peppermint is the perfect true mint scent. Not a lot of that sweet candy scent that makes you lick your lips and have to keep reapplying. It reminds me of the mint that my Mom and I used to grow in our herb garden. Wonderful!

Passoinfruit Rose... Oh my gosh. This is definitely my favorite of the three. I chose this one first because I thought it sounded so unusual. The scent is so unique. A very delicious, exotic fruity scent, with a nice hit of floral. Yum... This is probably going to be the first one I run out of!

The lip balm itself just glides on so very smooth, with great coverage. I didn't have to keep running it over my lips to feel like I had applied enough. And it doesn't feel slimy or gooey the way some balms and glosses do. Very nice!

They were also kind enough to send a little sample of handmade soap in Demascus Rose, a lollipop, and a handwritten thank you note.
I haven't tried the soap yet, but I love the smell. And I love candy, too! The note was so neat to get. I don't remember the last time I got a handwritten note! lol What a nice touch! Add the fact that shipping was very reasonable, and you have the perfect lip balm buying experience! lol

I will definitely be getting more of the lip balm, and I also noticed a sampler pack of little soap bars, too!

Such a wonderful buying experience, I can't wait to tell everyone I know!