Wednesday, March 26, 2008

Being Productive... quite fun!

In the last few days I've gotten quite a bit finished for my new shop. I'm so proud of myself! The hard part is waiting to list the items. I've read everywhere that the best thing to do is list one thing at a time... That is so hard! lol I think I'll manage somehow though. ;) lol Perhaps creating some treasures with this pile of beads will take my mind off of it! :D

So what does everyone think of scented jewelry? I have a bunch of ideas for this, I'm just wondering which way I should go with it. I've already been selling aromatherapy jewelry at one of the local boutiques. It's doing quite well; everyone here seems to love it. I wear it a lot myself, too. I could do food/sweets shaped charms again, and scent those. Or I could to the felt/embroidered pieces and scent those... And then there's the matter of which type scents to use: florals, sweets, aromatherapy, etc. Any comments on this matter are greatly appreciated!

I've also been working on my little Beaded Bitty Bugs... They are turning out so cute! I think I'm going to list one each week, in-between all of my other items. That way they will be more spread out, and everyone can look forward to the new colors each week! I think I've found a good place to get the 1.5mm silver plated ball chain to turn them into necklaces, now I just need to find a place to get those little attachment pieces. No pics of the Bitty Bugs yet; I still need to work out a few finishing touches. Soon though!

Here's a couple of things that will be listed this week! Keep a lookout for them!

I hope everyone is having a great week so far!

Happy Wednesday to you all!