Wednesday, May 27, 2009

All things sweet...

The theme for today is... 'Things that are Sweet'!

The first sweet thing I would like to share is this new little beaded ornament!

It started out as a blue deer with a pink bow at her neck, but really she looks more like... Something else! lol A fox maybe?

The second sweet thing I want to share is this custom Ice Cream Cake Roll Necklace.

It is a custom polymer clay order that I just finished up today! No, it's not real at all... Well, it smells real, like chocolate cake and vanilla cream, but I don't suggest anyone actually try and eat it! ^_^ It was designed from a dessert found at a restaurant called The Chateau. I say 'yum' to that!

I haven't done any polymer clay items in quite a while. It has been fun to play around with it again after getting a couple of poly clay orders! But... I'm really anxious to get back to my precious seed beads! Hehe... I think they will always be my favorite!

As soon as this polymer clay lollipop order is finished drying, I plan on making a few little beaded jewelry items for my shop, since I've been doing the larger ornaments and barrettes lately. So, look for those next week!

I'll be going out of town tomorrow night, and most likely will not be back until late Sunday. So any orders, messages, etc. will be answered/filled as soon as I have time when I get back! I plan on bringing my laptop, so I may have a chance to check emails and convos while I'm there. I will get back to everyone as soon as I can though!

I hope you are all having a lovely week!