Saturday, February 16, 2008

Mail Call!

I really should be finishing up some St. Patrick's Day orders right now, but I just had to share my new beads! lol

I just love getting mail like this! I ordered 67 tubes of 11/0 seed beads (all different colors, too!) last week, and they finally arrived today! Yippy!

I needed lots and lots of seed beads for some new bead embroidery projects that I've been planning. Don't they look so pretty?? Now I am one step closer to having some beautiful beaded butterflies, cupcakes, and hearts up for sale!

I've been so busy working on Valentine orders the past couple of weeks, that I've totally been neglecting my new blogs. Shame on me! Now that the Valentine crunch is over, I can hopefully update more often, add more pictures of my work, and share my stories and plans with you all!

ETA: And I just notices that the first picture has a great selection of Mardi Gras colors in it! Hmm... Is it too early for next year? lol