Wednesday, February 6, 2008

A Fresh, New Blog

So here it is. Nothing too uber fancy; just a place to post my thoughts, ramblings, creations... I named it after the 'beautiful butterfly'. And they really are! Butterflies are some of my most favorite things in the whole world. Seeing one is like glimpsing a little piece of magic. And the transformation of the butterfly itself... Also a bit of enchanting magic! Kudos to the Big Man for thinking of that one! *smiles*

And, while on the subject of butterflies... Spring is just around the corner; I can tell. It's so blustery and warm outside. Butterflies always remind me of spring, since spring is actually a time when things are ever changing. New and renewed life... I've never looked so forward to spring!

And so many things are changing. For the better! New jobs, new travels, new creations...

I hope you will follow me on this wonderful journey!